Monday, September 13, 2010

Down With The Swingset

Here's what I worked on this morning...

...because the long boards that support the steps to the monkey bars aren't supposed to bend like this...

...or warp like this.

And I'm pretty sure the wood shouldn't look like this....

All of which explains why the swing chain let loose while Brenna was swinging last week. She wasn't seriously hurt, just scrapes and bruises, thank goodness. But it was the second time it's happened.

The set was made by Adventure/Backyard Adventures and was sold at Walmart and other online retailers. It has been recalled and we've received replacement parts. However, I'm not convinced that what they sent will be enough. There are dull sounding spots on the boards that support the tree house, too, indicating more wood rot.

Our set is less than five years old. We will definitely avoid this company in any future purchases.

The squirrels have happily helped bring about the demise of the swing set as well. Check out their handiwork along the tree house boards. Uhhh....splinter?!!

They're apparently planning to take out the canopy and upper boards as well.

Tomorrow the bad boards get a ride to the dump! We'll wait to put up the new boards until our future housing situation becomes a little more clear. No sense in putting it up just to take it back down.

In the meantime - this little girl says "Hi!"

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MomBrose said...

Oh I'm so glad that she wasn't seriously hurt! That could have been really really bad!!

We have a little tykes playset so it's all plastic. But I've wanted a wooden one for a while (after they outgrow this one). I know how which one to avoid. :)
And Carrie looks SO big! Why is it after they turn one they stop looking so much like a baby?? :(