Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Mini Posts

Summer is quickly fading. We've done a pretty good job of checking off the items on our Summer 2010 list. We've been swimming in a pool. Gone to Amish Country. Played Uno Attack. Seen Uncle Randy. Played basketball. Had a family slumber party. And much more.

We didn't make it to Disney World. I can't imagine who added that to the bottom of the list after it was already posted on the refrigerator. (miss brenna...) We also didn't make it to the beach this year. Mom offered to take us the week Michael was gone, but I felt we had too much house stuff to do. We didn't get to take Papa and Brenna to the Newseum in DC and we didn't get the house power-washed. The sno-cone shack was closed when we tried to go there, so that had to be bumped too. Still, we did well!

I'm ok with summer coming to an end. It has been especially hot and muggy this year. I'm looking forward to everything that comes with fall. School, football, pumpkin desserts, apples, more football, and eventually, hot chocolate.


How long has it been since you made a new friend? I made one this week! Way cool! There is a young lady at our church, a rising senior, who I admire. I've watched and heard many a neat story about her over the past year. Two weeks ago, her mother sat down beside me at church and afterwards, I asked her if she'd meet me for lunch one day. I figured I just had to know more about this family. So Tuesday, we met and spent two and half hours talking! Can you tell she was easy to befriend? We talked about our families, our kids, our church, our schools. It was great.

Here's one little tidbit I picked up from her. At the beginning of the school year, her husband always asks their kids to write down goals for the year. He wants them to be intentional about what they are entering into. She said sometimes they revisit them and sometimes they don't, but it's a powerful start to the year.

So, at dinner I asked Brenna what she'd like to accomplish in the second grade. After thinking a while, she said she'd like to work on her writing, learn to write in cursive, and pick good friends. Then she said, "They don't teach you that, do they? How to pick good friends?" So we talked about that some and reinforced our values as well as how to treat those who aren't your friends.
Good discussion!


Somehow I have neglected to mention that Carrie is walking! She's by far our earliest walker. Brenna and Daniel were both well past one when they started letting go of the furniture to stand alone. Carrie, on the other hand, just stands up in the middle of the floor. She don't need no furniture! She does have an amusing unsteadiness to her walk. I know that's typical, but it's just so funny! Almost as good as when she crawled with her nose on the ground, or when she walks bent over with hands on the floor.


Jennifer said...

Love the idea of stating some goals...thanks for sharing that one! And how on earth is Miss Carrie walking? Geez louise, time flies!

MomBrose said...

I like the idea of goals...even in second grade. :)
I can't believe Carrie's walking!! Video please! :)