Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's A Tuesday Recap

Today was one of those days I saw approaching on the calendar and kept hoping it would disappear before it arrived. No such luck. We were busy today.

The morning wasn't bad. We didn't have to be anywhere until 1, when Daniel had his swim class. He started yesterday. We're ignoring yesterday. Today he did better and earned a 'No More Tears' ribbon. When I tried to leave the pool area so he could get started, he grabbed a hold of me and started begging for another kiss and hug. His teacher had to firmly hold him so I could leave. As I looked back I could see his little shoulders shaking so hard. I have no idea how she ever got him in the water today, but when Carrie and I came back he was bobbing underwater, floating, and rescuing a pool toy from the steps.

When he comes out of the water, he shivers like it's snowing. It takes a lot of effort to get him to the van. Today it was rainy and cold, which obviously made it worse. At home we had 5 minutes to run inside, rinse him off, get dry clothes and then leave to pick Brenna up from school.

We brought Brenna home for 45 minutes. It was barely long enough to get her ready for her dance recital dress rehearsal. Back out the door with snacks for everybody and a fresh bottle to give Carrie.

Two hours into the dress rehearsal, Brenna's class finally came on stage. Carrie was having a grand time with the music and lights. I, on the other hand, was stewing. Thank goodness my mom stopped by after work and was there to lend a hand with the kiddos.

That really should be the end of the story.

It's not though. Because when we got home, Daniel thought it would be funny to "trick mommy" and lock the door. So Carrie and I were stranded on the front porch. I banged on the door. Repeatedly rang the door bell. Walked around back and banged on the kitchen door. Nothing. I called the phone. I rang the door bell some more. I banged on the door again. Nothing.

Talk about getting angry. I was so there.

Suddenly, Daniel appeared at the door and unlocked it. Grin on his face....but not for long. And do you know where they were? Upstairs in their room. Putting their pj's on and laying out their clothes for tomorrow. Following directions.

Somehow I made it through the discipline, dinner, and bedtime. During prayer and devotions, we talked about what had happened and we recited the Fruits of the Spirit together. The three of us decided we had all been a little off and had some work to do. As angry as I was about being locked out just an hour before, I was so glad to be able to say goodnight to them with love and giggles.

I thought it would be nice to look at the calendar and know this day is now behind me. And it is....but the weekend is looming, and it promises to be a bigger challenge.

Think I'll keep hold of the keys, though.


MomBrose said...

Oh man! What a frustrating day! I can't imagine. Well, I can, but I don't want to. :D
I pray today is better for you!

Jennifer said...

Wow....I would have lost it!

On another note, Reagan is doing swim lessons now too....at noon. We are at the Courtyard Marriot on Westerre. I was curious to see if we just missed you all! Your description of Daniel was spot on with Reagan too. She also got a no more tears ribbon yesterday and was so proud! :) Go Daniel!