Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kickin' It To The Curb

Insecurity. It's a hot topic right now if Beth Moore is part of your world. She's just released a new book entitled, "So Long Insecurity, You've Been A Bad Friend". Notice I wrote book, not workbook. That alone might be enough to entice a few more ladies.

Normally I wouldn't recommend a book until I finish it. However, since I've read the first three chapters twice already, and intend to reread the fourth, it might be a while before I actually complete the book. I think there's just so much to soak in as I realize that I'm reading my life as written by a woman in Texas who doesn't know me. Judging by the comments left on her blog, and the emails I've exchanged with others who are reading the book, just about everyone feels the same way. Insecurity is a universal feeling that no one really digs down deep and exposes. Until now.

This time, the Goliath giant of Insecurity is going down. No giant goes down without a fight. It won't be easy. Seeing the ugly in ourselves is never pleasant. But taking out something as frustrating as insecurity would be worth every bit.

If you'd like to join the battle, you can pick up a book at most major bookstores or at a Lifeway. Amazon has it for $14.61. You can do it alone, with friends, or among strangers at the Living Proof Ministries blog.

As for me, I'm doing it alone, with a cousin, with an old friend, among strangers, and maybe with my small group.


TurtlesButterfly said...

I finally was able to read the first 2 chapters and working on the third. I can't bring myself to write in the cover of my book. I have a librarian living inside me that cringes at the thought. I'm battling myself over whether it is insecurity or really the fact that I have been taught not to write in books.

Anonymous said...

So I got my book yesterday — I purchased the last one at Barnes & Noble. Got through four chapters and starting chapter 5 tonight. Thank you for asking me to join you two in reading this book. With me being the youngest worker at my job, I think this book will help me tremendously in dealing with coworkers.