Friday, February 26, 2010

Flower Science

Back in my day, the science fair was mandatory. And you got a grade for it. I'm old.

Nowadays it's called a gallery and the kids get to participate if they'd like to. Sure enough, Brenna thought she'd like to. I scoured the internet for a fun science project that a first grader could manage. Michael and I didn't mind helping...but we didn't want to, you know, do it for her.

So we settled on transpiration - showing how flowers get water up their stems. We bought carnations, stuck them in colored water, and waited for the show. Meanwhile, at the library, we found a book on flowers in the kids' section. I thought it was important that Brenna be able to explain her demonstration.

Unfortunately, she learned all kinds of random facts...but nothing about the way flowers get water up the stems. Out with book. On to the internet.

On the day before the fair, she took her project in to school. Somewhere between the office and the classroom, she managed to lose the head off her main flower. The one the entire project was based on. Tears galore.

Thank goodness, we had several more at home. Just to be safe, we bought a few extras as well.
Overall, Science Fair #1 = success!


MomBrose said...

What a great idea! She looks so proud! :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your project !
So hard to believe you are just a first grader. You look so grown up.
Love ya,
Aunt Suz