Monday, November 02, 2009

A Long Life Indeed

Michael's grandma is 98 years old. We received word earlier last week that she'd taken a turn for the worse and might not make it much longer. In light of that information, we decided to tell Brenna and prepare her for what might be coming. So after dinner we sent Daniel into the living room to play and told Brenna we'd like to talk to her for a few minutes.

As Michael explained the situation, Brenna's tender little heart began to break. Our own eyes filled as hers spilled over. Thinking quickly, we explained that Nan has lived a long life on earth. Her husband and most of her friends are already in Heaven. Her body is old and tired.

I guess we oversold the long life part, because Brenna lifted her head and said, "Mama? Was Nan a ...(long pause) pilgrim?"

Over the weekend, Michael, Brenna, and some other family members drove down to spend some time with Nan. She was doing much better and enjoyed their visit.


Jennifer said...

How sweet....and funny. I love how kids can inadvertently lighten a mood like that. I hope Nan is doing ok! :)

MomBrose said...

That's sweet! I'm glad they got some quality time with her. The other day Brian was explaining to Reagan that the bell on her school is over 100 years old. She responded, "is that how old Poppy (my dad) is?" Ha!!

ginger said...

LOL!!! seriously. :)