Thursday, October 29, 2009

Living A Bigger Story

After I wrote the post about Donald Miller's new book, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years, I got to thinking about people I know who have made those incredible memories and lived a bit of a purposeful life. I'm not sure anyone lives an entire life this way. But many people make decisions that lead them through an amazing season of purpose. Here are a few that came to mind:

Ginger and family of Raising A.B.E.L. - I don't actually know Ginger, but I do read her blog. She and her family have just moved to a Young Life camp where her husband will be working for a few years. They've left family, friends and a home they love to do what God's called them to. It hasn't been easy (the camp closed for the flu, they fought wild fires, and had a ceiling leak), but they are definitely living a bigger story right now, listening to the Great Writer.

Dave and Christi- Our friends, who meant to spend a year at an orphanage in Brazil, but stayed for three. They chose a bigger story when they decided to go in the first place, but that story grew a bit when two little boys, brothers, captured their hearts. The adoption process drug out for years, but Dave and Christi stuck with it and changed the storyline for two adorable little guys (who aren't actually so little anymore). Those three years brought a lot of hard work, love, patience, joy, tears, heartache, grief, and faith. When the struggles overwhelmed them and they could have given up on each other, they chose to fight for their marriage. And their story became even larger. Direction and purpose came. And went. And came again. Their story is one worth being told.

Jerry - My uncle. If I thought it was possible to live an entire life choosing a bigger story, one that's memorable and has purpose, I'd hold Jerry up as the example. As long as I've been old enough to understand his life's work, he's been helping kids who don't have families of their own to help them. Some are orphans. Some are in foster care. He's worked in a boys home. He's been a case worker. He has a passion for hurting kids and has recently begun to work with the families adopting them. It's big story ... the kind that makes a good movie and fits the descriptions in the book.

Jesse - Jesse is a friend of ours who has made a career out of juggling. I saw him perform at a birthday party a few months ago and was amazed at his ability to wow an audience. He's a talented juggler. More importantly though, he's found a way to use his talent in a big way. He ministers to kids and families all over the country. A juggling pastor. It's a truly unique and memorable story.

Who would you add to the list?

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MomBrose said...

Those are great examples. Were you guys the ones that were slated to go to Brazil at first? I remember something about it vaguely. It was one of our first weeks at Exile. :D