Friday, June 19, 2009

Room Number 1

Michael snapped a few pictures of the kid's room for me today. We still have dresser tops to clear and a closet to sort, but at least the major furniture is in place.

Brenna's butterflies will get to stay. Daniel's wall is a blank slate. It's been hidden behind the massive bookcase for about six or seven years so maybe we'll just leave it be for a little while.

This picture cracks me up because it makes Daniel's bed look so piddly. It's a regular size bed - just looks small.

We'll see how long this lovin' lasts.

So far so good. They seem to really like sharing a room. Daniel tells us every morning that they talked last night...but just a little. The transition was much easier than I imagined. We waited till school was out because I thought they'd have trouble going to sleep. Not so. Going to sleep is no big deal. Waking up early....there lies the trouble.


MomBrose said...

Nesting anyone???
They are so stinkin cute! I think it's neat when they can share a room (and get along) :D
Michelle Matsumoto put Savannah and Malachi together and did a "bugs theme" so that Savannah could keep her butterflies. She did caterpillars and bees for Malachi. It was super cute!

The Three Amigos said...

Hey, can you email me your rules, etc. for your summer reading thing you do with Brenna?

And, Reed and Anna are both gone the week of the 29th...wanna hang out?