Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Bits of the Peapod

Brenna is absolutely kicking our tails in the Summer Reading Contest. She's nearly 800 pages or more ahead of me. She's not even counting the smaller books we read at night. Just the chapter books she's flying through at warp speed. Last year I slowed down so the competition would stay tight - though she still won. This year...there is no competition.

Daniel 'God Blessed' Arby's during bedtime prayers tonight. I'm not sure he's ever even been there.

Someday we're going to visit Kennywood in Pittsburgh. But not this year.

McAlisters Deli is returning to Richmond and I can hardly wait. I want a salad or wrap. Michael wants a baked potato and Brenna wants one of those big chocolate chip cookies that Papa always buys her. Daniel doesn't know what he's missed these last few years.

Speaking of restaurants, I wish we had a Le Peep here. Breakfast and Lunch - Charlotte, NC - just too far away. I think it gets better and better in our memories, but no place I've been measures up.

Brenna saved her Chick-Fil-A bags from her trip to SC a few weeks ago. I just discovered them in her backpack tonight. Thank goodness there were no extra fries or nuggets inside.

Something in our pastor's sermon this morning inspired Michael and I to read Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster again. I am especially looking forward to the chapter on simplicity.

I had an interesting experience at work yesterday. Two of my co-workers were out with clients, leaving N. and myself in the sales center. For approximately 30-45 minutes, she shared some hurts and much of her past. There were no interruptions. No phones. No doors. Just a heart poured out. As she finished, one of the other two co-workers came hurrying through the door mumbling about needing keys. I asked why he didn't just call and ask one of us to bring them over. He said, "I did. But the calls wouldn't go through to either of your phones." Our phones were on the table right in front of us. Neither one showed a missed call. Hmmm.....

I was at the computer earlier tonight while the kids were eating ice cream at the table. All the sudden I heard Daniel exclaim, "OH NO!" Someone asked him what was wrong and he said, "I didn't get any chocolate syrup! And I eat all my ice cream." brief pause "Daddy! I need more ice cream. I didn't get chocolate syrup!"

10-4 over and out.

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TurtlesButterfly said...

Ok, Daniel is just cracking me up with his God blessing Arby's and then wanting more ice cream because he didn't get chocolate syrup. I love it.