Wednesday, May 20, 2009


May 20. Michael's Birthday. The 40th time he's had one. Not so long ago, a mere thirty sounded old to me. Now sixty doesn't even evoke that feeling. So no pity parties at our house today. We're celebrating!!

40 Things you may or may not know about Michael

1. He loves Starbucks coffee - bring on the gift cards
2. He's a morning person, but can stay up late
3. He enjoys playing Wii Soccer....a lot.
4. He wishes I'd make Grasshopper Dessert soon
5. He has three degrees
6. He leaves his clothes on the bathroom floor
7. He likes to golf
8. He has a high tolerance for clutter, but there is a breaking point
9. He is a gifted worship song writer
10. He eats a lot of salsa

11. He got a speeding ticket once, about a mile and a half from home
12. He prefers vinaigrette on his salad
13. He needs another guitar like he needs hole in his head
14. He has eczema
15. He likes word puzzles and games
16. He is his father's oldest son
17. He killed our microwave
18. He has an amazing singing voice
19. He is well loved by the parents and students at his school
20. He would love to go to Italy or Ireland

21. He can play his guitar for hours on end
22. He watches Heroes - by himself
23. He isn't married to me on Facebook
24. He puts pepper on everything
25. He runs
26. He's allergic to cats
27. He can't roll his eyes
28. He enjoys going to Capital Ale House or BW3 with his friend Chris
29. He's very good at leading/encouraging other musicians
30. He reads a lot, but doesn't always finish the books he starts

31. He can't float
32. He spends every Saturday doing fun things with the kids while I work
33. He knows just about everything - at least I think he does
34. He sang a song he wrote at our wedding
35. He's the only guy who's ever kissed me
36. He almost got mugged once in Farmville
37. He loves to come in from work to the smell of fresh baked bread
38. He likes conversation starter questions
39. He played soccer in high school
40. He needs weeks on end to record all the songs he's written


TurtlesButterfly said...

Happy Birthday to Michael! I loved this list, especially that he isn't married to you on FB.

MomBrose said...

Happy Birthday to Michael! Thanks for the list...i feel like I know him better now :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Michael !
Now you are a speed limit. LOL
Love ya

The Three Amigos said...

Happy Birthday Michael!

BTW, he made my 3 influential people list...WHY? He was the first person I met that challenged my view of a TOTALLY good way. We just started a new small group and we had to do 3 influential people, 3 places we love and 3 important events.

ChrisS said...

VERY informative. What a great post!