Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Look What I Found!

Nearly seven years ago, at a baby shower in Lancaster, PA (I think), my aunt Suz gave me a Boppy Pillow. I was nearly eight months pregnant, and Michael and I had traveled to PA to meet up with some of my Ohio family for a long weekend. They planned a baby shower in the hotel breakfast area and I was completely surprised. My cousins (Emmy, Sarah, and Ashley) waved their magic wand over my tummy to make the baby a girl. It worked, apparently.

I had no idea at the time how much I would use that boppy pillow. Over Brenna's first six or eight months, it was constantly with me. Three years later, pregnant with Daniel, I considered buying a new one. Our budget was a little tighter at the time, so I decided just to buy a new cover. I spruced it up with a green paisley one and, again, took it everywhere. I loved my boppy.

After two kids, though, my boppy has had it. It's still pretty rounded, but it is flat! So flat, the cover's lose. It was definitely time to replace it. So last week, during a rare trip through Baby's R Us, I walked down the aisle where the boppies are displayed. I am not a big shopper, and when something costs more than $20, I tend to go back at least twice before I actually make the purchase. I usually do a lot of research and make sure I really want/need it before I buy it.

But here's what I saw:

There was no way I could leave that boppy on the shelf! I reminded myself that I have a job and that I'd worked quite a few extra hours lately. And then I picked up that boppy and happily placed it in my cart.

Could it be any more perfect? Not only does it have peapods all over it, but each peapod has THREE peas in it! I love it!


Rachel said...

How sweet. I've had a boppy for all four of my kids and I never use it. Isn't it funny how everyone is so different. Even something as awesome as a boppy. Have a great day.

MomBrose said...

I love it!! Bailey was nicknamed SweetPea so I love all things "peapod" too!! :D So, are we not finding out what little pea three is?? :D
You sound JUST like me when I purchase things. I'm glad you bought something new for yourself and the baby. The third tends to get a lot of "used" things, so new stuff is appreciated!

Ginger@chirgies said...

Too, too perfect! It just fits. :)

Jennifer said...

Love it! How perfect!