Friday, April 24, 2009

Please Don't Tell Me It's Just A Glorified Golf Cart

Could it be any cuter?

It's the new Peapod! I'm serious. It's a neighborhood electric car that you plug in like an appliance. It goes up to 25 miles per hour and costs about 2 cents a mile. Yeah, I know. Not practical for the suburbs. Where could I drive it but to the park or the library? But I love it anyway. It has a perfect name, a nice smile, and it just looks like so much fun to drive!

And I guess that's why Michael does the car buying.

But you can even take the roof off "for open driving"! How cool is that?! And it seats 4 - which I guess means we'd have to leave one kid behind, but who's counting? Maybe they could take turns. ;) When you get home, you just plug it in and recharge it!

At $12,500, it goes on the Never-Gonna-Buy list, but I still love it. And when it gets to Richmond, I might just go for a test drive....

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