Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Note For Daddy

(Apparently it's picture week here. You may need to click on this one to view it more clearly.)

Most days, by the time Brenna gets home from school I'm exhausted. Daniel is already sleeping, so there's about 45 minutes to an hour that I can rest before he wakes up. Michael usually gets home about that time anyway. Brenna eats her snack and starts her homework, but knows if she needs me, I'm right upstairs.

Last week lasagna was the plan for dinner, but I hadn't gotten it put together that morning. Before I went upstairs, I said, "Brenna, when Daddy gets home tell him that we're having lasagna for dinner. He can put it together if he wants, or he can wake me up and I'll do it. ok?"

"yes mommy"

This is the note she wrote for him. I laughed when I read it. The dyslexic 'wake' was uncharacteristic, but I held my tongue from pointing it out. I just cracked up over the tone of it and the phonetic spelling of lasagna!

Not exactly how I imagined the message being passed on.


MomBrose said...

HA! I needed that today! I love it!

Ginger@chirgies said...

That is too stinkin' cute! Love it! What a big girl to take down your message (and get it right!) :)