Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wedding Weekend pt. 2

Thankfully, by the time we arrived at the chapel, these are the kids we had with us:
The wedding went beautifully. Most weddings have something unique that you remember and associate with the bride and groom. For me, it will be communion. Stephen and Kristin stepped down from the stage and served the bread to their respective sides of the church. Each guest came forward to receive communion - bread from Stephen or Kristin, and juice from a pastor. It was very meaningful to both the congregation and to the bride and groom.

After pictures, it was on to the reception. By far this was the most fun reception I have ever attended in my life. The DJ was incredible. The music was fun. The food was delicious. And my son was a trip. An absolute show stealing ham. He danced the night away with all he had, doing his best to keep up with the adults in the electric slide, cha-cha slide, chicken dance, and more. If he thought he needed a partner, he walked down the side of the dance floor till he found a lady willing to step out with him....often someone I didn't even know. He was exhausted by the end of the night, but there was no doubt he had fun! We all did.

Our camera had trouble reloading the flash so we don't have many good pictures from the reception. This one, with my dad, is the only picture we have of me.
And this one of Michael doing the tango with my cousin, Ashley, is the best one we have of Michael. Hopefully, other cameras did better than ours. And if not, there's always the professional ones.
So Congratulations to Stephen and Kristin! It was a beautiful wedding weekend!

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