Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Brother's Wedding Weekend

The hard part about blogging after a big weekend is condensing all the events into something readable. I want to retell every minute - but I don't think anyone would stick around to hear it. I'll try to hit the highlights and back them up with a picture here and there. Hopefully, that will do.

Family began arriving into town during the wee hours of Thursday morning. Locally, the schools were under a two hour delay so the icy roads and sidewalks could finish melting. Michael and Brenna headed out shortly after 9. My sister Rebecca and her husband Chris, having gotten to Mom and Dad's around 3AM, came by to see Daniel briefly before surprising Brenna at school. They picked her up early with plans to take both kids with them to the airport, where mom's parents were expected to land around 3:30. Unfortunately, a delayed flight caused them to miss the connection to RIC and the airport excursion had to be postponed. Nana and Pap did arrive safely that evening, and the kids still got to go - but with my mom, rather than Aunt Becca.

Around 5:30 Rebecca and I left for Kristin's batchelorette party, which was to start at 6. We were ten minutes late, but the first ones there. By the time the others began to arrive, we had to leave so that Rebecca could get to a dinner with her in-laws. I went on to visit with Nana and Pap, once they arrived.

More family arrived into town Friday...mostly from Ohio. Rebecca took Brenna to get her nails painted at a salon. Later, Brenna and I met up with all the bridesmaids and mothers to do manicures as well. Such fun! After racing home and getting dressed up, we loaded the car and went to the rehearsal.
The rehearsal which took much longer than Stephen anticipated (imagine that!? he he he) was followed by dinner at Maggiano's. I had planned to leave Daniel with a sitter, but he had a cold and I ended up needing to take him along. He bounced around from lap to lap until his fever and symptoms took his energy. Then he laid his little head on my chest and asked me to take him home. It was so sad. Michael did take him home.

(What's that? Our 10 year anniversary? Oh, yeah. Well, it was Friday.)
The big day. We spent the morning and early afternoon visiting with family and friends from all over at mom and dad's. Dad was with the groomsmen, but he and Stephen stopped in for a few minutes to pick up their tuxes. Turns out the car Stephen had rented to leave the wedding in, was unavailable and they had to scramble to find a replacement. When they picked it up, it was pretty dirty. Everyone at mom and dad's jumped right in and started washing the car till it shined. Tires and all!

Back at home, getting ready for the wedding looked a little something like this:He was not diggin' the tux. Between being sick, being woken up from nap, and having to put that thing on, he was not a happy camper. Obviously Mommy thought it was funny enough to take pictures, though. : )

(If you're still with me here, I'm going to continue on a new post so that I don't have to drag the pictures so far down.)

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