Friday, February 27, 2009

It's '80s Day At School

And I promised her I would put these pictures up on my blog while she's at school. : )

Check out those rolled up jeans. Classic.

Below is one of Brenna's art projects from this year. She has really enjoyed her art class and all the opportunities to create. This piece was turned into a magnet and sent home yesterday. (Of course they sent it home with a note that says if you want to keep it, you have to pay for it. How was I not going to buy it? She is so proud of it!) It's a family tree. Each bird represents one of us.


The Three Amigos said...

I love it! Love the 80's look! Love the hair.

And her art is beautiful! I love her birds...they're so in right now. CUTE. We did a magnet too. I also bought one for my mom and dad because really, there is no better fridge magnet! I actually wish I could have all of her best work on magnets so they aren't huge and all over my fridge...just small and all over my fridge.

Anonymous said...

cute magnet! cute girl! but is that really how we looked in the 80's??? oh boy ...


Anonymous said...

I wonder why the 80's was selected.
I can't wait to see all of you next weekend.

TurtlesButterfly said...

I love 80's Brenna! How cute. Now I need to bug my mother to post a pic of me from the 80's so Brenna can see all of us then, lol. .oO(Then again, maybe it wasn't so cute...)

Anonymous said...

Grandma and Carmel Pap wanted your picture for their refrigerator, Brenna. Pap asked "Is she wearing MY glasses?" (Hee Hee Hee) Grandma and Carmel Pap are amazed at how tall you have grown. :)