Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Lights and Cookies

Have you ever tried to herd 13 kids? Anywhere. It doesn't matter.

And all the elementary school teachers, say 'Yes, every day!'

Ok, so maybe it's not all that unusual, but it was a little tricky. Sunday night we had a little Christmas lights and cookies party at our house. Once everyone arrived, we walked through the neighborhood to see one of the houses on the tacky lights tour. It was absolute amazing, and the kids loved it. They were so enthralled with the lights and decorations that we didn't even have to chase them out of the middle of the road. At least not very often! : )

Back at our house we had cookies, hot chocolate, and coffee. One mom joked we might as well be feeding the kids straight sugar cubes. I was so busy making hot chocolate and filling drink orders that I didn't keep a cookie count for Daniel. I remember someone sticking their head in the kitchen and asking, "When did you want to cut Daniel off? He's at about 10". Ha ha ha.

As far as I could tell the night was a big hit and I think we'll do it again. Here's cute picture of our herd.

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