Friday, December 19, 2008

From Last Friday

This morning I came downstairs to find Brenna sitting at the kiddie table eating breakfast. Slowly. Very slowly. I encouraged her to eat a little faster so she could decorate the Christmas card for her bus driver before she had to go. Instead, she moved her bowl aside and colored the envelope. As the minutes passed, I finally took the card away and insisted that she finish breakfast.

(Note to self: Shoulda done the card last night.)

As Michael walked out the door for work, he told her goodbye and suggested she just stop eating and go get her socks and shoes on. She left the table, but I found her a few minutes later in the living room playing with lincoln logs. We left for the bus stop about three minutes later than normal. I put her barrettes in while standing on the front porch watching for a flash of yellow. She made it. Barely.

Michael had noticed that the fridge wasn't really working this morning. Neither of us had time to deal with it so we just closed the door and hoped for the best. With Brenna gone and Daniel still sleeping I pushed it out to the middle of the kitchen. Hit it twice on the side. Opened the door and closed it hard. And it started running again.

Daniel woke up about an hour later than normal. I dressed him for his day with Papa, and brought him down for breakfast. (My dad took the day off and the two of them were going out to have fun. It was meant to be a free day for me so I could finish shopping.) The milk was lukewarm and the fridge wasn't running. He and I got down on our tummies and pulled some of the dust bunnies out from underneath. And then we giggled - a lot - about being on our tummies on the floor.

After Dad and Daniel left I moved the fridge around a little and slammed the door shut again. It started right up and has been working ever since.

At the third stop of my shopping trip, in the back of Target, my cell phone rang. It was the nurse at Brenna's school. 99 degree fever. Not feeling well. Could you please come pick her up.

(Are you kidding me? She's going to miss her holiday party! I have the drinks and some of the craft supplies for the party at home! How can this be? I was supposed to help in the classroom! I hope she's sick enough not to mind or we're going to have a lot of tears!

I dropped off the bag of supplies in the office and picked her up from the clinic. She didn't care one bit about missing the party. When we got home she went straight to bed and has been sleeping for almost 3 hours.

In light of the fact that she's obviously not well, I decided not to go to my office party this afternoon, either. Instead, the three of us (Michael, Brenna, and I) stayed home and watched Horton Hears A Who. Which was very funny. Daniel spent the night with Grandma and Papa.

Sometimes things don't go as planned. Sometimes that's ok.

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