Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Looks Like We've Got Ourselves A Big Boy

When my parents arrived on Sunday to pick us up for Disney on Ice, they brought a bed with them. It's one of the bunk bed set that my sister and I used growing up. They keep one up in a bedroom at their house and the other in the attic. Brenna used the extra bed until we bought and stained hers. Now Daniel is going to use it.

Apparently this particular bed was mine. I found 'JULiE' etched in the wood - with a backwards J.

When we got home that night, Michael and I immediately took the crib apart and put the bed together. Not quite as easy as that one sentence makes it sound! The crib takes three different tools to dismantle. The bed doesn't take any....but it does take a lot of cooperation. And a little more space than we had to work with. Eventually we got it up and we used sheets that Mom brought and a blanket left over from my brother's college dorm.

I called Daniel into his room and with all the exuberance he had left, he jumped up in that bed and slid right down in the blankets. The picture above was taken shortly after.

At some point we're bound to have issues with sneaking out or refusing to take naps. For now, though, he loves his bed and is happy to be in it. He has slept well and stayed put until one of us came to get him. He's such a big boy!

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