Monday, November 17, 2008

Disney On Ice

Disney On Ice (from last night!)

Here we are in our seats - about a half hour before the show started. Mom and kids snacked on popcorn in a box - as opposed to "Popcoooornnn ina baaaaagg" or "Popcooooorrnnnn witha haaaatt". Michael is taking the picture.

Daniel and I before the show started. He only spent about five minutes total in his seat.

Grandma, Papa, and Brenna (looks like the lady behind them is going set her cup on Brenna's head.)

The big entrance...Mickey and Minnie

Goofy being goofy.

Everybody's favorite tow truck -Mater.

Lightning McQueen - otherwise known as 'theraacar'. I wish we had video of Daniel singing along with 'Life Is A Highway'!

Totally deceptive picture - makes it look like Daniel just sat there and enjoyed the show on Dad's lap. Wrong! He spent the whole first half lap hopping. No more than three minutes per person. I then spent the whole first half fearing that someone in the row in front of us was going to get a swift kick to the back of the head!

This Pumba costume was my favorite. Michael and I kept trying to figure out how the actor was skating in there. Our best guess is that he must be skating on both his hands and feet.

Otherwise, how could pull off this move? Or hop off the ice and sit in someone's lap?? (Which was hilarious, by the way. Can you imagine having a warthog sit in your lap?)

Daniel liked the Cars scene and Brenna loved the whole experience. She was mesmerized. Just as the show ended and everyone was waving good-bye, she leaned over to me and said, "Mom, Isn't Minnie just beautiful tonight?"

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gail said...

how wonderful for you and your family! thanks for sharing the photos, they were great!