Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Letter To Uncle Randy

I think if Daniel could write a letter to Uncle Randy, it might sound something like this:

Dear Uncle Randy,

Where did you go? I spent a whole week with you and then you drove away. I haven't seen you since. Mommy says you live in Ohio. Where is that? I ask about you in the mornings while I'm getting dressed, but she always tells me you are at work. She says that Daddy is at work too. Does Daddy get to see you every day? 'Cause if he does I'll be mad.

Sometimes I just want to talk to you. Once we called you and that was fun. Whenever I bring Mommy the phone and say, "Bone?" (which is my word for phone) "Uncle Randy?" Mommy says we can't call right now. Most of the time she says you are at work. Do you work all the time? One time I just wanted to see you and Papa teased me that you were coming. I stood at the window and yelled for you. But you never came. Everybody thought that was kinda funny, but I didn't. If you really came, I'd probably yell "Uncle Randy" really loud and I might run straight to you and give you a big hug. Or I might feel a little shy and hang on to Mommy until I remember exactly how much fun you are. Either way, I'd be awfully glad to see you.

Did you know that I pray for you? Almost every night. When I say my God Blesses, after we do the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep prayer, I remember you. And when I say your name, it reminds me of Aunt Tina so I ask God to bless her too. And Emmy and Sarah. Sometimes I can't remember Ashley's name, so Brenna helps me out. She says, "And Ashley" and I say, "Yep!". Lately, though, I've been getting better about that, so I say "Ashey" all by myself. Is God blessing you like I asked him too? You should probably tell me if He's not so I can pray harder.

Mommy told me before dinner tonight that tomorrow is your birthday. I got so excited. I ran around the kitchen yelling happy birthday! It made mommy and daddy laugh. I think Mommy might let me call you tomorrow. I can sing happy birthday. Did you know that? I can. I'll try to sing it for you tomorrow. Sometimes I don't want to do it when I'm asked to, but since it's for you, I just might do it.

Well, I hope you have a fun birthday. I wish we lived closer to each other. I miss you Uncle Randy. But guess what? Last week, I learned how to say I love you.
I love you Uncle Randy!

P.S. If I were there, I'd help you blow out the candles!


Room for Grace said...

I love it! So sweet, from Daniel's perspective.

gail said...

so precious and sweet!