Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First Day Recap

The first day of kindergarten went off without any major complications. The bus was about fifteen minutes late, but the other moms said it's usually at least five minutes late anyway. I spent those fifteen minutes alternately helping Brenna control her over-enthusiasm for school and swallowing the waves of emotion that kept creeping up into my throat. When the bus finally arrived, Brenna was instructed to sit in one of the first three rows. She's the only kindergartner at our stop. I stopped taking pictures when she sat down and started crying when the driver said, "Everybody wave goodbye!" I turned around to the sympathetic smiles of all the veteran parents, and then I knew I wouldn't be able to stop. So I just cried all the way home, where I took a shower and felt much better.

I learned with Brenna that kids do best with structure and a routine. I'm working toward that goal with Daniel. I planned out our activities for this week, but I discovered yesterday that I didn't plan enough. We kept coming back to the tv, which was something I really wanted to limit. Sometimes it seems his two favorite activities are turning on the tv and digging in the cereal. We did manage to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies to surprise Brenna. By one o'clock I was wondering how long the day was going to be, and if nap time would ever arrive. I've got more things planned for today.

Yesterday Daniel and I walked down to the bus stop to meet Brenna. Today he will ride in the stroller. He was so tired and so excited to see Brenna that he jerked my arm around like a wild puppy. I could barely hold on to him. Another parent actually grabbed his other hand when the bus came for "double protection". Brenna was thrilled to see him, though.

By the way, if you ask Daniel, "where's Brenna?" He says, "On the but!" We're still working on that 's' sound. : )

After milk and cookies at the table, Brenna told me all about her day. There were lots of exciting happenings like a fire drill and playing sticks in music class. She made a few friends and told me all about the boy that had to sit in time out. Recess is "so fun" and the bus was "kinda loud". She loved it all. Based on what she said and the information sent home, her class will be learning/reinforcing their shapes this week.

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and prayers. It was a great day overall!

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Room for Grace said...

LOL at Daniel's "on the but" comment - so funny!

Ok, I was really surprised at all the parents waiting for the bus. We don't do that here, almost everyone drives their kids.

Brenna looks so confident and ready, glad she had such a good day.