Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11

Two weeks ago Gail tagged me for a birthday meme (an idea, topic, or set of questions passed from blog to blog) and I saved it for today - my real birthday. The instructions were to search my birth date (minus the year) on Wikipedia and answer a few questions.


1. Three events that happened on my birthday are:
**In 1509, King Henry the VIII married Catherine of Aragon.
**In 1776, the Continental Congress appointed Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin and others to a committee to draft a declaration of independence.
**In 2004, Ronald Reagan's funeral was held at Washington National Cathedral.
(I remember watching President Reagan's funeral on tv. My mom knew I would be watching and she brought over lunch and sat with Brenna and I on my living room floor. We had our picnic there and later when Nancy Reagan laid her head on the coffin, we both wiped the tears from our eyes.)

2. Others born on June 11 (and Deaths, but I didn't recognize any deaths so I'm just doing birthdays)
**Joe Montana
**Chris Rice
**Our friend Dr. Wes Shepherd of VCU-Medical Center ; )

3. Holidays
**Today is Kamehameha Day official state holiday in Hawaii, in honor of their first monarch.

So that's it. My birthday Meme. I hope your June 11 is a pleasant day this year! : )


gail said...

Happy Birthday to You! hope its a fun, blessed, relaxing day for you.

Anonymous said...

OK, I did my own search for June 11th. Here is what I came up with:
Vince Lombardi, Great Packers Coach is born 1913.
John Wayne dies of cancer in 1979.
National Asparagus Festival begins in Michigan. YUMMY ! LOL
The movie E.T. was releaased.
Main Street Electrical Parade at Disney premiered in 1977.
Presbyterian Church of America was organized in Philadelphia.
And the quote for June 11th is...
Just because he is on the road, it doesn't mean his mind is. LOL


Anonymous said...

Oops... another birth...

My very special little friend, Aubrie, turned "one" on June 11, 2008!

TurtlesButterfly said...

Happy Belated Birthday!