Monday, June 09, 2008

How We're Surviving

Today the temperature forecast is 102. Yesterday the high was 100. The heat index is between 105 and 109. While the numbers themselves say a lot, it's the humidity that makes it all so much worse. The air is thick - as if we've moved to a tropical rain forest. Only it doesn't rain.

The past few years, by the time these conditions developed in August, we had already been on water restrictions due to a lack of rain. Since it's early this year, we're free to get out the sprinkler and the kiddie pool.

Despite all the wet smiles, we'll appreciate it when this warm front gets kicked out to sea on Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures!
Hot Hot Hot in Ohio too.
I need a sprinkler. LOL

KarenW said...

That looks so refreshing! I subbed today at a school and the AC was out for the first 3 hours. I thought I would melt!

Room for Grace said...

Oh my! I am sending some cold air your way. It's actually cold here in CO today, high of 65!
We'll be back in the heat on Friday.
Cute pictures, though.