Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Really? That's Not In The Bible?

I use the internet to look up just about everything these days. Phone numbers (on Superpages), directions (Mapquest or Google maps), the forecast (weather.com), restaurant menus....just to name a few.

The other day I heard a woman complaining because she couldn't find a dictionary in a classroom. Nine years ago, I didn't have a dictionary in my classroom! If I needed a one, I used dictionary.com. I think the only dictionary we have in our home is a French dictionary Michael hasn't been able to part with.

For years Bible Gateway has been my go-to site for scripture look ups. You can search by keyword, topic, or specific reference. Similar to Bible Gateway is Blue Letter Bible. I think this is the site Beth Moore references in the intro to some of her studies. Not so long ago I was exploring their site and discovered a page called

Sayings Not Found In Scripture

Curious, I clicked on it. The list was quite interesting. Some of the phrases have Biblical support, but aren't written quite like we hear them. Others aren't even close! According to their site, neither "spare the rod and spoil the child" nor "pride comes before a fall" are actual Bible verses. Both clearly come from Proverbs, but they aren't exact quotes. They leave out words or combine verses to create a concept.

Check it out. There's probably at least one on the list that will surprise you.


KarenW said...

It's amazing how we can confuse the scripture or treat some saying like it is scripture. That's a great link. Thanks!

Michelle in Mx said...

I am SO going to check this otu!
thanks for the link!