Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What We're Watching

Cable has seriously broadened our horizons. We had no idea what we were missing! I mean, I knew we were missing the food channel and the travel channel, but I didn't know there were so many home design and organization shows. Or animal shows. Or news shows. Or so many kids channels! There's even 6 or 8 religious channels! (We haven't watched those much....they seem a little...over the top.)

Brenna's new favorite show is How It's Made on the Discovery Science channel. It's a half hour show that explains how three or four different things are made. We've learned how they make baseball bats, butter, umbrellas, ice picks, levels, speakers and so much more. If we catch it on a weekday morning, she'd rather watch that than Dora the Explorer....that's sayin' something!

Michael and I enjoy being grossed out by Dirty Jobs. The host cracks us up and the jobs make us appreciate the lives we have. We also love to watch Ace of Cakes. I'm constantly amazed at the cakes they create. (Charm City Cakes) The have a minimum order of $500 per cake and are booked months in advance. As busy as they are, they keep it fun.

One show we've discovered is called Jon and Kate plus 8. If that show comes on, we are instantly hooked! First of all, we are amazed at how they handle 2 six year olds and 6 three year olds. But more than that, they are very real. When Kate and Jon argue, I often think it sounds like us. Monday night, we were both so tired from being up with Daniel two nights in a row, but this show came on and we stayed up till almost 11 watching tv. Sad, I know.

Surprisingly, we have not watched American Idol this season. Mostly because I've been following primary coverage on Tuesday nights and then we forget the rest of the week. We are, though, anxiously awaiting the return of The Office. We both get a kick out of that show and we've missed it.

As for Michael, he watches ESPN whenever possible. I think he's making up for lost time. Two years of lost time. That's a lot of basketball.

And that's pretty much the summary of our TV watching. Not that you asked....

I really am short on things to write about, aren't I?


gail said...

great post! we caught an episode of dirty jobs this week, it was the one where he went to the snake farm. did you see that? we all got a kick out of it and my son, who loves gators, loved the end where he wrestles (not literally) with the gator.

i was counting up how many hours we have the tv on and gosh, i was horrified! it really can invade your life. i try to multi task when its on: fold clothes, iron, dust, but there's only so much you can do.

have a great weekend. gail

Anonymous said...

You are missing one great season of American Idol. The talent is so amazing !!!
I am hooked!

KarenW said...

The only show I watch is LOST. One addiction is enough for me. My husband and older two kids really like the Office. I'd rather blog. :)

Room for Grace said...

OK, your comment on my blog made me laugh out loud, not an easy feat today!

As for the TV, I love John and Kate plus 8. After watching their trip to the beach, we began reconsidering our summer vacation plans - it looked sooooo miserable!

I think they do a great job with so many kids.