Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Secret Project Revealed

Those of you who read my blog here occasionally miss the witty comments of my Facebook friends. (The blog imports into Facebook.) Christine -on Facebook- wants to know if my secret project "rhymes with muppet meteor". At first I thought "indeed it does". Because I always use the word indeed in my thoughts. Right.

But upon further consideration, I realized that it does not. Unless we apply the use of something called Slant Rhyme, like they do in music. And then it does. Although I'm not sure how or why you'd be writing a song about a muppet meteor. And a puppet theater.

Introducing Honey Bear. Who isn't actually a puppet, but apparently he was opening the show today. We have a pretty good collection of puppets, including Cookie Monster, Tiger, Barkley the Dog, and Bear.

Here Cookie Monster and Bear are discussing...cookies, I'm guess ... as Daniel watches.

Here's the puppeteer, though it appears she lost her smile somewhere. I love the black and white picture with only the red color showing. Kinda wish we'd gotten one with her smiling, though.

The pattern for the theater included a storage case which I also made. We simply roll it up, slide it in the case and put it away. Or take it to Grandma's.

(The pattern is in a book called Bend-The-Rules Sewing and I got it on Amazon.)


gail said...

hey! i've been hearing about that book all over the bloggy world. its on my to-buy list. let me know if you make anything from it and how you like it.


Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH You have found a way to keep Daniel's undivided attention. :)

Room for Grace said...

Sew cute!