Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Can't Believe I'm Writing A Post About My Hair

Michael says I don't look like the picture I have up on my sidebar. He says my hair isn't that wild.


Hmmm.... What made me ask him that??

I think controlled curl is more accurate. That picture was taken right before Christmas in 2006. I lost most of my curliness after Daniel was born. It makes a comeback whenever the air is humid, but for the most part I'm left with wavy hair that goes where it pleases.

Which is why I haven't changed the picture. These days my hair has such a mind of its own that I really don't have time to fuss with it unless I'm going somewhere. It just takes too long. It dries while I get Daniel dressed and make breakfast, so by the next trip upstairs (after lunch most days) neither the curling iron nor the flat iron make much difference. I'm pretty much a frizzy mess, but I try to deny it by vigorously tucking it behind my ears. Somehow that makes me feel better. The honest truth is that my hair is probably much wilder now than it was when the picture was taken.

My next cut is scheduled for the first week of March. Maybe I'll get a new picture for the sidebar too.

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