Friday, February 15, 2008

Compassion In Uganda

Compassion International has taken a team of bloggers to Uganda, where they are witnessing Compassion's work firsthand. These 15 writers are posting their experiences online as often as they can get connected. I've been following their story through BooMama and I'm totally drawn in by the pictures. Take a few minutes and read about the incredible work being done in Uganda. Scroll to the bottom of the page because the story starts around February 10.

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Room for Grace said...

I've been completely captivated by their stories and pictures as well. It reminds me of all the feelings we experienced on our trip to China, a reminder I've needed.
On another note, I thought of you yesterday while I was at Hobby Lobby! I saw a beautiful pewter peapod dish. It only 3 sections though. If it would have had four I'd would have gotten it right then and there and sent it to you!