Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tacky Lights Tour

We live near this house. Michael and the kids walked up to see it last Sunday while I was out with my friends. There really isn't room for them to add anything else, so they've started expanding to their backyard!

Last year I was talking with some folks from the west coast and I found out that the Tacky Lights craze is really a local thing. I thought everybody everywhere drove around at night during the holidays and looked at Christmas lights. And maybe they do, but here it's a big deal. They publish the addresses of the best houses in the newspaper and report from them on the news. Many people participate in charter bus tours of the city lights while others rent limos and go. These houses get lots of traffic and you usually have to wait in line to get close.

Last night we got Starbucks and then drove in and out of several neighborhoods on our way home from shopping. My favorite one is in a neighborhood has a terraced front yard. They have a lot of crazy stuff, but their yard lets them spread it all out so you can really enjoy it.

Of course then we go home to our grinch-house. No outdoor decorations. The bin is inside the front door full of greenery and bows. We just never got it done. LAZY grinches live here for sure.
: )


gail said...

yes, i am blessed to have a massage therapist hubby.

we have done the christmas lights drive for years. when we lived in WA--seattle area it was a big thing. now that we are in idaho its not as big here.

and we are grinches too! no lights on our house. of course, i have a good excuse. hubby doens't do dangerous things like that anymore now that he is 90% blind. too dangerous. i want to keep him around a bit longer.

hugs, gail

KarenW said...

I'm in Alabama this week. There's lots of tacky lights here too, along with some really pretty ones. We like to drive around and look at them all. I've never thought about getting a limo! Of course, this is a pretty small town.

Jesse Joyner said...


thanks for the Christmas letter

-jesse and sarah joyner

Jesse Joyner said...

one more thing - thanks for the link to my site on your blog! on that note, I have changed my blog/web address - it is now (and then you can click on the blog link from there)

-have a great day