Sunday, December 16, 2007

Selling Cameras for QVC

Robb and Karol - selling cameras for QVC.
(there's a sneak peek of the city and Rocketts Landing plan behind Robb)

A little closer - Pay no attention to the woman on the wall. She's just happy to be living at Rocketts Landing.

Ok, this is what they were really doing. Here are some of my friends from our small group. This is an early shot of our annual picture - not everyone is in yet. But I just have to say, Jamie looks absolutely thrilled to be there. I would love to know what Eric finds so funny. And Christine .... she obviously thinks she's a sexy pregnant lady who must pose for the photographer - me.

We had our small group Christmas party at Rocketts Landing on Saturday night. Jamie did all the party planning and food. (which might explain her expression in the photo above) It was beautiful and delicious. We did a white elephant gift exchange which kinda flopped because we all brought something from our home so there wasn't a whole lot to steal. The funniest part though was the already-opened-CD that Kristina got....cats singing Christmas carols. We played a 30 second sample and laughed hysterically.

I spent the evening catching up with the girls. Both Christine and Suzanne let me talk and talk and talk and talk and talk some more. I really have some special and very treasured friends!

To another year of Small Group and the best friends on earth!


Christine said...

That's hysterical! I love the wide range of facial expressions in the group shot! I'm not sure what Eric found so funny, but Carey's reaction makes me curious. I am disappointed you didn't have any shots of you in there though, b/c you looked radiant that night. Thanks for sharing with me. As far as sexy, though, I think you're over the top! Sexy and pregnant are oxymorons, aren't they?
I am so incredibly thankful for everyone in our group!
Do you think Robb and Karol actually sold any cameras? Their audience doesn't seem too impressed.

Tara said...

I miss you ALL so terribly!!!
Glad to know you are still enjoying each other. Such a blessing!