Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Christmas Letter

Update: I went to pick up my Christmas card order, and I got two copies of everything - Both orders got printed. Now instead of 75 Christmas cards, I have 150!

I just finished my Christmas letter. I know Christmas letters are quickly becoming a thing of the past, but I'm still hanging on. I love to get Christmas letters so I still try to send one, too.

This year, I had so much to say that it almost didn't fit on one page! (Last year's letter was only half a page.) The first draft left out any mention of our Tennessee vacation. That was such a huge highlight of our year, that I had to edit the letter over and over to make it fit. I even reduced the font from 12pt to 11pt. I'll be happy to get it printed because if anyone so much as adds another period, it'll probably drop to two pages again!

Actually Christmas cards in general have been a bit of trouble this year. I have been doing picture cards for several years now and I order them online from a local company because I can pick them up at the grocery store when I go. It's a nice arrangement. This year I uploaded my pictures, placed my order, and saved my confirmation email, but the pictures never arrived at the store. Finally, after a week, I called the company. Turns out they were having trouble with the company who runs their website. So even though I had a confirmation email, they didn't have my order. I had to re-upload and re-order. Normally, after a frustrating experience like this, I would use a different company. But Richmond Camera had superb customer service. They stayed on top of the problem until they figured it out. They did their best to avoid asking me to redo the order, but when that became necessary, they apologized profusely. I felt like a customer that mattered and one they wanted to keep.

(Unlike the phone/internet companies we have been dealing with as of late. Humph!)

Our Christmas cards should be ready for pickup today. The letter needs copied and folded. And I'll probably spend the evening addressing envelopes and thinking of all the friends and family who live too far away to share the holidays with. Sounds like a hot chocolate and cookies at the table kind of night! (too bad I haven't made Christmas cookies yet....)

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Now you don't have to worry about running out of Christmas cards. :)