Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hats And A Bean Bag Chair

About three and half weeks ago, my mom and dad bought Daniel a new hat. From what I understand, it was my dad who initiated the search for this particular style. Mom found it at a specialty kids store and gave it to Daniel in time to wear for the Christmas season.

As I was out shopping for Michael's Christmas present, I happened across an adult version... and I couldn't resist. So now the boys have matching hats!

I love them! Daniel even leaves his on for whole car rides sometimes. And that's a big deal for a one year old!


For Christmas this year, I wanted to get something that would give Daniel a place to sit when he plays or reads in his room. Brenna has a kid foam couch in her room, but I wanted something different for his. I wanted something he could be rough with. We looked online for several weeks and finally settled on a bean bag chair. Then I found the perfect one.

It's a little big, but he'll grow into it. : ) He totally loves to sit on top of it. Twice he's eaten his morning waffles up there. He just rolls off the side when he's done. He can't get up there by himself yet, but he likes to try. : )

Go Buckeyes!!

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