Friday, September 14, 2007

Can you hurry up....please?

The following conversation took place today. In the grocery store restroom.

Brenna (age 4): Mama?

Me: Yes, Brenna?

Brenna: What's .... napkin disposal for?

Me (thinking fast): It's to throw things away. Are you almost finished?

Brenna: You mean like a trash can?

Me: Yes. If you're done, get your britches pulled up.
(The lady on the left exits her stall, working hard to suppress a laugh.)

Brenna: You mean like if you were eating upstairs and you had a spoon and a napkin and you...

Me (interrupting): Brenna, finish up please. I need you to hurry.

Brenna (still talking): .... I AM Mama! But if you finished eating and you needed to throw your napkin away, you could bring it here and...
(The lady on the right exits her stall, giggling and smiling at me.)

Me: Yes, Brenna. Come on now. Finish up...

Brenna: Mama? Why are you laughing? What's so funny?

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Room for Grace said...

Too funny! They are just so intent on trying to understand something at just the time you don't want them to.
Cute story to tell her someday...