Monday, July 16, 2007

Vacation Prep Week - Day 1

We're waiting for a round of severe thunderstorms to make their way here.

We spent today in phase one of vacation prep. That is, we were able to mark two things off the list. Two. I'm kinda bummed. We had a lot planned for today, but Walmart wasn't cooperating.

This morning Michael, Brenna and I all got our hair cut. Usually Brenna and I see a lady across town who works out of her home. She must be out of town, though, because we haven't been able to get in touch. Instead, a friend of Michael's who used to cut hair, came to our rescue. She did all of us in her kitchen. It was kinda fun and everyone looks good - especially Brenna in her cute little bob. (And you'll never believe what Michael did....He let his friend talk him into two razor stripes cut into the lower back of his hair! ....... No comment.)

After lunch and Daniel's morning nap we went to get new lenses for my glasses. While they were making the lenses, we were supposed to go get all the stuff on the 'To Buy Before Vacation' list. And this is where Wallyworld let us down. We started with sunglasses for me - not much to choose from and Michael vetoed every one I tried on. Next was pj's for me. This was laughable as the only thing we found looked like an old lady house dress. Michael threatened to buy me one anyway just to give everyone else in the cabin a good laugh. I vetoed and we were off to find a hat for Daniel. None had chin straps. Discouraged and not using up enough time (we had to burn an hour before picking up my lenses.) we decided to look for Bibsters and disposable placemats for restaurants. Again, we struck out. One last check for water shoes, and we gave up. We didn't buy a single thing. Instead we checked out an upscale grocery/meat market across the street and then went to pick up my glasses.

So...glasses - check
haircut - check

Everything else - moved to tomorrow. Or maybe tonight if the thunderstorms pass.

One little funny thing about today, though. Daniel started making a quick loud noise, like he's trying to scare someone, and then giggling like crazy. He had us all laughing on the way home.

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