Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Session 12

Last night I was supposed to go to Christine's house to watch session 12 of Daniel by Beth Moore. She and her husband, Dave, have been previewing the video lessons with me before I show them to my class. We watch them after their kids go to bed and then discuss what we learned. All three of us have really looked forward to our 'video nights'.

I usually get over to their house about 8:30. Last night, though, I couldn't find my workbook. I knew I'd had it Saturday morning while I was working on my lesson for Wednesday, but it wasn't with my Bible. After searching for a good while, I found my teaching notebook in the bottom of a nearly empty laundry basket. I don't even know who to blame that one on! But still no workbook. I went downstairs and walked through all the rooms mumbling to myself and knowing full well that I did not bring that workbook downstairs. Also knowing that if the notebook was in a laundry basket the workbook could be anywhere. Anywhere.

Frustrated, I went back upstairs and began demanding that everyone help me look. We checked all around my Mama's Chair, under the bed at least three times, behind the laundry bins (because you know where I found the notebook....), on the dresser, under the dresser, behind the dresser, etc. I was really getting upset. It had to be somewhere. Finally it occurred to me, for some reason, to check behind the headboard. Sure enough, it had slid down between the headboard and a keyboard cover Michael has stashed back there.

Relieved, I grabbed my bag, double checked that the video case was in there, and left. I figured I still had time to stop in at JoAnn Fabrics for some ribbon and maybe another yard of fabric. I've been making burp cloths for all the expectant mothers in my life, which at this point is SEVEN women! Yes, SEVEN. Once I got to the store, I had a hard time picking out a new print. I'm naturally drawn to blues, but so far four of the seven are having little girls. So after picking up and putting back about four different bolts of fabric, I settled on a pink and white stripe. Of course then I had to wait in line for EVER at the cutting table, because that always happens to me. I only need one yard, but I always get behind someone who hasn't yet decided how much she needs of any number of bolts she's brought to the table.

Finally, I was headed to Christine's. I thought it strange that I was nearly 45 minutes late and no one had called to see if I was still coming, so I pulled out my cell phone - it was dead. No wonder. I plugged it in and sure enough I had a few missed calls and a message. I called Michael to let him know I was fine and hurried on to Christine's.

It's always so nice to spend time at Dave and Christine's. Their house is very homey and comfortable. I set my bag down and began to tell her all about my crazy evening while I pulled out my newly found workbook and the videos. I opened up the video case and, I kid you not, the spot for session 12 was empty. Empty. As in, not there. I could do nothing, but laugh. Turns out I had asked Michael to watch session 11, which is on the same disc, and we forgot to put it back in the case. It was still in our DVD player. At home.

So instead of watching Beth, Christine and I sat and talked for nearly two hours. We talked about some serious stuff. We talked about her trip to New York. We talked about our kids. I told her all about how God answered my prayer on Sunday morning. (She has the benefit, though, of knowing what that was all about and I think that made the story a little more exciting than what I was able to post yesterday.) We talked more about our kids. I told her about potty training by whistle (not that I'd done that - only that I'd heard of it!). She told me about trying to explain a wedding to her five year old daughter. And you know, time just flew by.

I got home around 11:20 and there were at least three things I'd forgotten to tell her!

So Christine, if you're reading this ... Give me a call - We've got more to chat about!

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