Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Daniel 11

I spent nearly the entire morning preparing my lesson for class tonight. For the second time. Thank goodness Michael is home for the summer. He kept track of the kids so I could work through Daniel 11.

Here's why I had to do it twice: because it is complicated and detailed! Crazy amounts of detail! And most amazing of all is that it is prophecy. I finished the workbook more than a week ago, but I needed to put my lesson together because I teach the five days of workbook material every other Wednesday night. This is the last lesson from this book and it took the most time, easily.

Most of this chapter is about the King of the North and the King of the South. They go back and forth attacking each other. In between their respective lands is Israel, and that's what makes these wars Biblically important. Every time one attacks the other, he has to trample through Israel. To further complicate the teaching of this chapter, the phrase 'King of the North' refers to about 7 different kings through the verses. Same with the South.

It has been amazing to me over and over again just how accurate the prophecy is. If you are even a little curious or interested, please check out this resource I've been using it to help me keep things straight. You can use it for any part of Daniel, but I've linked to Chapter 11. I think you'll be awed, as I was.

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