Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sunday and Teething

We had to leave church unexpectedly early on Sunday morning. Daniel got expelled from the nursery. (Just kidding - that's a running joke among my friends. It's how we refer to being called out of the service because our baby is causing problems in the nursery.)

Daniel is going through that thing all babies must conquer - teething. It seems that every tooth to break gums in his mouth is preceded by a fever and a lot of fussing. This one was no exception. He is nearly 13 months old and I've never been called out of the service before. This time, though, he couldn't be settled. They said he'd fussed and cried for nearly an hour. (Our services last two very long hours.) He rejected all the food they offered. He rejected his sippy cup. He didn't want to be held and he didn't want to sit on the floor and play. He didn't want to be outside and he wasn't happy inside. He was just miserable. So we took him home. (In all honesty...we didn't mind in the slightest.... but, shhhh! Don't tell!)

We finally caught sight of this newest tooth- #7- yesterday. This is really a very important moment because it confirms our suspicions. Until that tooth breaks through, we blame the fever, the fussing, the extra thumb-sucking, the gnawing on everything everywhere, and the generally unhappy state of being on teething....but we're only about 75% sure. The other 25% is wondering if he has an ear infection. Or a virus. Or if he got hurt somewhere. Or if we should be taking him to the doctor. Or if aliens came in overnight and swapped our sweet little boy with this fussy one. (Ok. Just kidding on the last one, but you get the point.) Seeing that tooth confirms my mother's instinct. And that is important.

So now I can say with confidence - We left church early on Sunday because Daniel was miserable. He was teething, running a fever, missing his nap, and generally inconsolable.

He is better now. Until next time - when #8 starts down (or up) and we begin all over. (I can only imagine what the molars are going to be like!)

(This post sure has a lot of phrases in parenthesis!)

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