Friday, June 29, 2007

Parenting Book

I finished reading this book last night. (Click the picture for more information.) On Wednesday I picked it up from our church library because I was intrigued by the title. Michael and I want our family to be a blessing to others - that's something we've set as a family 'motto' so to speak, since Brenna was born. I thought this book might have a few ideas along that line. Plus I refuse to raise a brat, too!

Most of the book is common sense - at least to me. I am finding, though, as I interact with more and more parents that what is common sense to me, may not be common sense to someone else. Still, as I read this book, I didn't find many concepts or ideas that I hadn't heard before.

I was not impressed with this book and I wouldn't recommend it for several reasons. First, Ms. Henner does not have any more credentials for writing a book on parenting than I do. Her examples are limited to her friends and her own family. Though they provide some good anecdotes, her experience is limited. Second, her attempts at humor become irritating by about chapter four. I did, at first, enjoy them. However, she begins use her former boyfriends as examples of bratty adults and her husband as the butt of a joke about obedience. I just didn't find it funny or amusing. Third, on several occasions she completely avoids an answer to a question by making fun of the child or telling another story. I began reading only Dr. Sharon's answers, skipping Ms. Henner's.

So, I checked this book out on Wednesday and it's going back on Sunday. I was quite disappointed that the content was not as good as the title!


TulipGrrl said...

Thanks for the warning! I won't waste my time!

Parenting books so often range from poor to mediocre to useful. Rarely do we really find excellent books on parenting.

From reading your blog, I think you'd find much inspiration from Clay Clarkson's "Heartfelt Discipline" and his wife, Sally's, book "Ministry of Motherhood."

Grace and peace,

Julie said...

Thanks! I'll check those out!