Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Project

Here are two pictures of the first completed burp cloth. The baby shower is on Saturday, but since I can't go I just need to finish these by Sunday. All I have left is adding the initials to the bottom of each one. I thought that was important since there are so many babies in our church nursery. (If you're interested, the instructions can be found here. Scroll down to the 3rd post on the page.)

We stopped at Jo-Ann's Monday night to pick up the things I needed for this project. I asked Brenna to come in, too, and help me choose a fabric. She knew what I was making, but we didn't exactly agree on what we thought was pretty. Almost everything she picked out I vetoed. Finally, in exasperation, she said, "Mommy! How am I supposed to help you pick out material if you don't like anything I pick?" (silence) umm... ouch! So, even though I was really going for something a little sweeter and a little more baby inspired, this is the fabric we settled on. Together. And it looks quite nice, doesn't it?

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