Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Little Update

It's 11:30AM on Sunday and I'm sitting on my couch eating ice cream, instead of being at church. I'm enjoying a little break from our normal hurried Sunday morning routine. Daniel is too, apparently. He knew part way up the steps that he was going to actually get his morning nap today. He stuck his little thumb right in his mouth and looked up at me with those tired eyes, as if to say, "thanks mom, I needed this." A little rest and down time is what we both need, I guess.

My mouth is doing ok. It's sore and tight. I didn't need any of the pain medicine, which is good. I'm a little swollen on one side and both cheeks feel bruised. And other than just being tired, I'm doing really well! Plus I'm eating ice cream before lunch. That would have to make anyone feel good!

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