Friday, May 04, 2007

A Dental Wrinkle In My Day

Update: It's my wisdom tooth poking out. I've been referred to an oral surgeon to have both of my upper wisdom teeth taken out. (big sigh...)

So much for the best laid plans! I was supposed to go to Ukrops in the morning; make a dessert in the afternoon; and host my small group buddies tonight. However, early this week I discovered a hard bump in the back of my mouth beyond my last molar. It's above the top of my last tooth - on the topside. It feels like a piece of bone, or worse, another tooth. (I never had my wisdom teeth removed.)

Wednesday I called the dentist's office and asked about it. The lady said "Take 2 Ibuprofen and wait for your regular appointment - in June." Well, you can see how long that lasted. It didn't hurt on Wednesday, but now it hurts every time I smile. And we all know I like to smile. A lot.

I called back this morning and the same lady answered the phone. (I was kinda hoping for the regular receptionist, who has known me since I was 10. No such luck.) So I explained that the problem had gotten worse and asked Ibuprofen lady if I could come in next week and have my dentist take a look. Unfortunately, she said, he's pretty booked next week. Could I come in today at 11:15?

Today? You mean I can get this taken care of today? Of course! I'll be right there!

And so goes the dental wrinkle in my day. I've got to rearrange my plans and then get to cleaning up the house...which I procrastinated doing until today. I'm off.....

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