Monday, May 07, 2007

Checking things off my spring reading list

Ted Dekker. He writes these fast paced books that raise my blood pressure and keep me engrossed in the story until the very last page. The anticipation of what will happen next rises and falls within a few paragraphs. Try as I might, I can never predict the plot twists and turns he writes in his books. They are awesome.

Last night, at 11:45, I finished White, the last of the Circle Trilogy. Unbelievable writing talent, that man has! I continue to be amazed at how he could write something with so many different dimensions and still keep everything straight. Not to mention all the Bible allegory that is taking place at the same time. He is a gifted author.

Obviously I enjoyed the series. There were a few parts of the story where the battle descriptions got a little boring for me, but it certainly didn't slow the book down. I also found the non-earth reality a little silly or strange, with its talking bats and colored forests, but they clearly illustrated the spiritual realm and created a vivid mind picture for that world. I was hooked on the story to the very end.

For a summary of the first book, click here.

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