Sunday, April 01, 2007

Most Christ-like

How fitting that my 100th post should be about something so special. I had been wondering all week what I would write about when I hit 100, but nothing was coming to mind. That is, until Saturday.

Saturday morning was Brenna's first soccer game. Four year olds playing soccer is indeed a sight to see. They were all so excited that morning. Brenna was "scared" because it was her "first big soccer game". The coach did a great job of reassuring all the kids and calming their nerves. And so the Badgers took the field against the Llamas.

About half way through the game, my mom and I noticed Brenna standing in the middle with her hands folded up under her chin. Her head was bowed and she appeared to be praying. We had a little laugh about it.

In the team meeting after the game, the coach handed out stars. (The stars are to be ironed on to the child's practice shirt.) It turns out Brenna actually WAS praying. For Real! She asked the coach if she could pray and he told her she could, but to be quick. (It was the middle of the game.) He laughingly retold the story and awarded her the white star, which is given to the player who is most Christ-like.

So I had to ask her what she prayed for. She said she asked God to help her get a score. How sweet is that! I was so proud of her in so many ways that morning. From overcoming her fear to her efforts to her prayer to her sportsmanship and so on and so. What a blessing and an honor it is to get to be her mama!

Saturday soccer games are going to be so much fun. I'm thoroughly sold on the Upward Soccer program. Love it. I couldn't ask for a better program.

By the way, I don't know who won the game. There were so many goals made by each team that I lost track of the score.

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