Friday, March 30, 2007

Lunch with my Kids

Usually on Fridays, we go to Ukrops (grocery store) right after breakfast. It's all a hurried kind of thing because I'm trying to get back home in time to get Daniel down for a nap before lunch. It makes for a crazy morning, but it works.

Today, though, I was too tired to get going in the morning. I just didn't feel like entering into that crazy race. I was groggy and lazy and I just refused to hurry. Instead, we had a normal, slow, move at your own snail pace morning. Lovely.

After Daniel had his lunch bottle, we went out. I decided to treat Brenna to lunch at Ukrops before we started shopping. What fun! I'm so glad I thought of that! Daniel sat up in the cart while Brenna and I had our lunch. He signed 'please' all the way through a potato wedge! It was so rewarding to watch him sign and know that he'd finally caught on to something we'd been working so hard to teach him! What a pleasant and enjoyable lunch. Between Daniel's signing (rather than yelling or grunting for what he wants), and Brenna's sweet conversation and total independence at mealtime, I just thoroughly enjoyed my kids today.

After lunch, we walked through the store to get our groceries, and you know....I even got through the checkout line at $23 under budget. What a day!

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Cheryl said...

I love Ukrops - our favorite place to go when we are in Virginia. Sounds like you had a nice time with your daughter - in the years to come you'll be glad you blogged about everyday things like that.

Have an amazing weekend.

Cheryl...from the belly of the whale...