Monday, April 30, 2007


A few bits from the weekend.

1- Friday evening at girl's night was an incredible experience. We had the opportunity to hear the testimony of a young girl who has been through some very difficult medical problems and been healed. She got a migraine headache at the age of 16 and it didn't go away for 7 years. In addition, she struggled with several other debilitating conditions, such as constant kidney stones and back pain that resulted in a back surgery. Through a ministry in another state, she found spiritual healing and within six months, God healed her body. I was so encouraged by her story and I learned so much from her incredible faith and Bible knowledge. Honestly, it felt more like I was at a retreat than at girl's Bible study! An emotionally powerful night, for sure.

2- Brenna blocked a goal on Saturday at her game. We think she's finally beginning to understand the meaning of offense and defense. She got a red star for best defense.

3- I made $30 toward vacation on Saturday at the yard sale in front of my friend Belinda's house. I only had two days to get ready for it so I didn't have a lot to sell. But the best part of the day didn't have anything to do with the money. I saw a man across the street that I thought I recognized. Sure enough, it was Dr. Montgomery! He used to work in the music department at Longwood and taught most of Michael's music education classes. I also had a class with him called Jazz, Folk, Rock, and Broadway. Now he lives right next door to Robb and Belinda! Their kids call him Mr. Bruce! It was so neat to see him again and hear about all he's done since retiring. He and Michael had a great time catching up.

4- Early, early, early Sunday morning, Brenna had a very unusual accident that meant she couldn't sleep the rest of the night in her bed. I set her pull out kids couch in my closet and made up a bed for her there. I kid you not, at 4:30 AM, my 4 year-old daughter looked up at me and said, "Mom, this bed is very functional. Thanks." Functional? She knows the word functional?

5- Mom and Dad came over last night for a little while. Michael had to go back to church to help out with the youth, so it was nice to have the extra hands. They took us over to Bruster's for ice cream. Daniel had a baby cone and he loved it! Brenna got a strawberry cone and she was wired the rest of the night!

That about sums up our weekend. I'm still tired since I stayed up so late on Friday night and then had the 4:30 AM interruption Saturday night. That's the biggest sign of my age...I don't do as well without sleep as I used to. (sigh...)

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