Friday, April 27, 2007

Birthday Candy

My friend Suzanne turned 30 this month and tonight we are celebrating her birthday, only she doesn't know it. She thinks she's just coming to a regular girls Bible study.

I had to go to Ukrops this morning for groceries so I had planned to pick up a nice little birthday card for her there. They had plenty of cards to choose from, but none seemed to fit. Plus we'd already been in the store for an hour and my kids were getting tired.

I'm not big on cards anyway. They seem awfully expensive to be read one time and then thrown away or put in a pile. I never know what to do with my cards. I scrap booked all of Brenna's shower and first birthday cards. I love that scrap book, but I don't have time to do that with all my cards so they are in a very large basket in my closet. Waiting.

So I decided to make my own card for Suzanne. Then I got the idea to use candy...and off we went to the candy aisle. We bought Snickers, and Baby Ruth, and Pixie Sticks, and Almond Joy...

"Her-she-is: To the Birthday Girl- May you find lots of JOY in the TREASURE of your heart, with God, your BABY, your family and your friends! SNICKERS, Julie"

I had great fun putting this little card together. Maybe a little too much fun because then I didn't want to stop.

So I created this one next. It made me laugh.

Then I realized nothing said anything about turning 30 so I made this one.

And maybe I've watched Charlotte's Web one too many times, but I started noticing all these great words on the wrappers. Words like "luscious", and "fun", and "exciting", and "no special equipment or uniforms are needed", and "indulgent". I couldn't help myself....I just had to cut and paste.

So this poster is called "Snickers on Turning 30- from your friends". Everyone will be able to sign it tonight at the party. There are some great bits on here. For example, I cut out a "Questions or Comments?" and added another friend's phone number.

Oh. my. goodness. I can hardly wait to get there now. What fun we are going to have tonight!

Happy Birthday Suzanne!

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