Wednesday, February 07, 2007


You may not know this about me, but I love logic puzzles. I go through phases (like right now) where I work on logic puzzles every single night. Maybe I'm addicted. Can you be addicted to logic puzzles? Anyway, right before Christmas I was finishing an old puzzle book when I discovered something a little different in the back. It's called a Pic-a-Pix. It looks like a piece of graph paper and they tell you how many blocks in each row/column are to be filled in. Then you figure out which blocks to color. The colored blocks create a pixilated picture when you're done. I loved the samples and did both of them that night. Right away of course.

After Christmas, I did a search online for free logic puzzles. Puzzle books aren't cheap and I thought maybe I could work them online and save the money. Sure enough, I found a great site and I am so hooked! It's called Conceptis Logic Puzzles. They have ten different kinds of puzzles and it's free! They are all number or picture logic puzzles and many of them can be solved online. Each week they release a new set of free puzzles. If you get stuck, which I have on occasion, there's a message board where you can ask for help from other puzzlers. It's a logic puzzler's dream come true....ok maybe not exactly, but it is a really fun site and totally free.

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