Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year

It's so nice to be home! We've been on the go since three days before Christmas and we are so ready to settle into a slower routine!!
On the Tuesday after Christmas we went to Rebecca and Chris' house in Greenville. Along the way we passed the giant butt...or Gaffney. On Wednesday we checked out the beautiful Falls Park in downtown Greenville and Thursday we took Brenna to the Greenville Zoo. I'm sure I'll get pictures up soon.
Friday morning we drove to Charlotte to visit our friends Jonathan and Tara. We got to eat at Le Peep twice! It was so nice to hang out with Jonathan and Tara, though. We really are friends for life...when we get together, it's like they'd never moved. Such a blessing.
Saturday night we drove home and now it's Monday morning. Today we're cleaning and organizing and checking out our new gadgets!

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