Thursday, January 25, 2007


A lot of people I know are still using Internet Explorer as their internet browser. There is, however, a better option. It's called FireFox. I don't know all of the technical reasons why it's better, but I do know that I like it better. It allows you to open tabs within the browser window and that feature alone makes it better. Instead of having several windows open, each to a different site and stacked at the bottom, you can have one window open with the tabs across the top. It's sort of like looking straight into a file cabinet. The only downside I've found is that a few, and I mean a few, sites do not support FireFox. One of them is kodakgallery. Unless I just haven't upgraded something or downloaded something, that site allows me to put my pictures up much quicker using internet explorer. Here's the link to the FireFox (Mozilla) homepage. It's worth it.


EYHokie said...

You can do all those things with the new IE.

EYHokie said...

Thats an awesome picture by the way.

Julie said...

It's still better. ha ha ha
Yeah, the photographer who snapped that one is really talented.